why god created gays

So a few months back I was worried about me being gay and if I was really doomed to burn in the lake of fire of hell all my life. I then screamed to the heavens asking if this was really true or not and then I got a message in my head in big bold letters, as if someone was telling me to do this, look up near death experiences of gay men. I wondered why I never thought of that before. So I did and the first one that popped up was actually the most popular, biggest, most published near death experience that ever happened. It was on the news for a good while on many different stations. It was about a bisexual man who died and went to heaven. His experience was so popular because he was there for three months if I remember correctly. He got an extensive view of the afterlife, was shared knowledge and got answers to pretty much every question man has ever asked, he was shown many different things. Pretty much he was shared everything that you can know. And that all of you will know eventually. This glorious mans name was Christian Andreason. He is and has been a Christian song writer. He has always been very close to god. Most of what he learned he has shared with us and you can read his experience online. He hasn’t left out too much. He did leave out however what god created gays for. However I figured it out and since we are in contact with one another I have asked him if I was correct about my hunch of why god created gays. He said that I was almost spot on, not necessarily wrong about anything, just that it gets a little deeper then what I figured out for myself. However I could not have figured out what I learned without his tremendous and generous help, and his life changing, miraculous, and beautiful experience. Now I wish to help him share what he has learned, and even share with you why god created LGBT people.  The universe and life itself has a ton of freaking secrets. It will take a lot of time until humans start figuring out what these secrets are. Have you ever wondered why some people through hypnotism have seen glimpses of their past lives. Or how psychics for some strange reason refuse to believe in religion because its as if they have proof that reincarnation is real. Well here’s the truth. This wasn’t the first universe Brother and it wont be the last. God is already planning to create a even bigger universe after this one. He loves us all more than you could ever imagine and wants us all to come home to heaven. Heaven is our true home. God will get what he wants. Trust me. The meaning in life is to learn love. Its not just people with faith that gets into heaven how unfair would that be. Some people aren’t even privileged enough to know of Christianity. God knows that. Even if you do know of it doesn’t mean that you can force yourself to believe it either. You may really want to because your scared that hell just might exist. But deep down some people just cant do it. God loves us all so much more then you think. ALL OF US! More than your parents ever could. Humans aren’t capable of that type of love so you cant understand. But if you loved your kid so much, even if your child became the next Hitler would you want him to perish in a lake of fire…for eternity…for being what god mad us to be, human, and make mistakes like he expects us to. No absolutely not. Btw if you look into history you will find that hell and purgatory were invented by the church to get man to do what they wanted them to do. The church used to be very corrupt. Fuck they used to torture people. Well good news is, hell and purgatory don’t exist. There hateful man made inventions. People only care for themselves, they care not of others who they think might go there. How selfish. Such hate can only be invented by man. No turns out in the end everyone will come home to heaven. Yay! But we have to work for it. How we do that is by learning love. We are put on this beautiful green earth for one soul purpose, and that’s to learn love. That’s what Jesus came to teach. He loved everybody. What he meant by “I am the way to heaven” “I am the answer” well he is love so if you can replace the I am with love what do you get “love is the way to heaven” “love is the answer” love is the answer to everything. There are many different layers in the afterlife. The higher up you go the better. Each layer is indescribably better then the layer beneath. But even after death we can still learn love and we still keep rising up. Gods plan is to have everyone make it to the top layer with him again. He has been doing these for years, for all of his Universes. Every time everyone makes it to the top without fail. It all works by souls vibrations. The more love you learn the higher your souls vibrations and the higher up you can go. When people die they are clumped together with people with similar soul vibrations then set in the layer of heaven they earned on earth. However yes some people might fail to learn love so severely that they cant make it to any layer of heaven. So they are placed in a loveless cold place temporarily until they change the way they think and learn love. Then immediately they are out of there. Near death experience experts call it the void. Its so far down that there is absolutely no love or light. Just terrible people doing terrible things to each other. Things you never thought possible, plus they speak a terrible blasphemy. Wherever you go in the afterlife your emotions are heightened to an extreme. So if you go to heaven your feelings of love, joy, happiness, bliss, comfort and more are heightened to an extreme but in the void hate and anger and lust and all that are all heightened. That’s why they do such awful things to each other down there. But those people aren’t hopeless because god sends angels down there to help them out. Its like a starry night sky up there if you allow yourself to see them. And they desperately want you to, they desperately want to help. If they can sense that you can see them then they will rush to help you, they will send you fragments of light until you start to crave it and love and then once you craze love your out. So basically in the void god doesn’t do the punishing, people basically punish each other. God doesn’t punish. The void is not a place of confinement, judgment, or punishment, its just a place to have your soul develop and learn love. There are two other places you can be sent. The hell on earth, and an illusion of an afterlife (a different dimension). Hell on earth are for ghosts basically. You can stay here on that dimension of earth for a number of reasons. You might have been murdered and cant accept your passing. You might hate god for what he did to you in life and want nothing to do with him. You might have unfinished business. Lots of reasons. Basically once you accept your passing, learn to love god and accept his love for you, or resolve whatever is keeping you there then you can go home. Now for the Illusion of an afterlife. People who have too much hate in their hate. Weather it be for homosexuals, blacks, women, self hate. Fuck idk just hate. You can be sent to a different dimension were basically you and many other hateful people who didn’t necessarily do anything bad in life that would send you to the void. You and this people create the afterlife your in and trust me it looks and feels real as fuck. So its kind of hard to figure out that your there. If you believe your going to hell when you die then you will create a fake hell. If you had hate but believe your going to heaven then that’s what you will see. That’s why you should be careful what horror movies you see, you could create your own hell that way ;). God has never designed hell basically so whatever you think it to look like or have been taught it looks like then that’s what it will look like for you. Don’t worry, people figure it out eventually because there is always something off there. and what’s off is its not that loving of a place and they’ll think “hey they doesn’t feel right” I had a friend who had a near death experience and went there. I tried to help him but it felt so real to him that he refused to believe me. He was a self hating gay, poor kid. He experienced an illusion of heaven. At least I know he wont be sending himself to some fake hell. Anyways back to what I was saying. Why did god create gays bisexuals and lesbians. Well first you need to learn about reincarnation. Don’t stop reading because you heard that word. Yes when you die you go to heaven or some afterlife absolutely. But its a lot harder to learn love without a physical body in the afterlife so people CHOOSE to go back to try again. We may go back for a number of reasons, it could be to clean up a mistake in a past life, help out a descendant, or help out gods plan to make this a heaven on earth. Yes earth will one day be a heaven on earth. God has planned for this to happen so it will happen. People don’t go back with a chance of screwing up again. No you get better with each life. How? I will tell you, its all about deja vu. Deja vu is basically a preplanned moment in your life that was destined to happen, it then it turn makes you either realize something, or make an action. These actions will help you learn lessons you’ve learned in a past life. Maybe you will even teach what you’ve learned. Or maybe you will just realize something but it will be a lesson. If you hated on gays in one life and hurt them then god might ask you “do you want to go back as a gay man who is destined to make a difference?” you could say yes or no. Its not bad if you want to stay in heaven. But unfortunately its just harder to learn love there. But one way or another you have to learn. And don’t worry you will. Basically you remember all of your life as dreams. You have a life in heaven that gets put on pause until you come back to click resume. You know its like, hmmm most people sleep like 8-15 hours and those that remember there dreams can easily understand this because you have a real life that’s get put on pause while your asleep and dreaming until you wake up to press resume. 80 years can seem like 8-15 hours if your living an eternity in heaven. Think about reincarnation like this, why is it fair that some people get to live in the awesome loving, futuristic future, when some had to live in the dark times of a past. Wrong we all get to live the future, that’s the only way its fair. Why is it fair that some people are rich, some are famous, some are smart, some are this and that or whatever. There is no need to envy because god wont deprive you of any experience. By the time we’ve lived all of our lives I can promise you we all got to experience all of that. Now why did god create gays, bisexuals, lesbians, and all that. Well we come through evolution. In the beginning god didn’t need us. He needed a lot of straight people because the world had just started and was so imperfect that nobody will be learning love correctly so a lot of people needed to come back to try again. So basically he needed straights to reproduce. By the time the earth is heaven on earth well people wont need to come back as much because most people will have learned love. So yes the future of earth if you can believe it or not, I hope that you do. Everyone will be bisexual. Just here me out if you feel like giving up on me now after hearing me say that. In heaven gender doesn’t exist so everyone can be attracted to everyone. A true heaven on earth will be the same. God is a mother figure and father figure, he has feminine energy and masculine energy. We were created from him and are made in his loving image so eventually we all will have feminine energy and masculine energy through being bisexual. I hate being gay right now because I refuse to hit of straight guys because I don’t want to be rude and make them uncomfortable. I’m not like that, I don’t want to be a jerk. However with some people I really wish they could be gay like me so I could make a relationship out of it. But eventually my problem wont exist for anyone anymore once were all attracted to everyone. That’s a true heaven on earth. But why didn’t god just create bisexuals then. Why make me gay and not bisexual if were all destined to become bisexual. Well gay people and lesbians are here to make the world know that were here. We are here to teach the world that we are here and that there’s more on the way. Were here to teach you to love us. Bisexuals wouldn’t be enough to do it because they still can marry an opposite sex. No we have to be obvious. Now that we are the world is slowly learning to accept us. Please except the loving accepting change that the world is making, don’t be stubborn and refuse it because ultimately that could harm you. The whole phrase love the person but hate the sinner. Try not to say hate at all. Try to say love the person and forgive the sinner. God forgives all of us without us even asking. We are here so please learn to accept us and learn love